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Date:      Tue, 2 May 1995 09:15:43 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Tiggie <>
Subject:   Problem with installation
Message-ID:  <>

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My current setup is as follows:

	Intel Pentium 90 MHz chip on a Zeos Pentera System
	Adaptec 1522 SCSI-2 controller
	Quantum Empire 1080s (1 Gig SCSI-2 hard drive)
	two other IDE hard drives

	**the two other IDE harddrives have my MS-DOS stuff on it.  And 
my SCSI drive is split in half with the first half also being a MS-DOS 
partition.  The last half of the SCSI hard drive is going to be devoted 
to FreeBSD.

	Why?  My FreeBSD environment is goning to be my UNIX learning 
environment for right now because I am still only a student in college.

The MS-DOS partition is on cylinders 0 to 511 when the enhanced disk 
Geometery was turned off out of 1024.  When I tried it with the enhanced 
disk geometery software supplied with the SCSI controller, MS-DOS was on 
cylinders 0 to 65 out of 130 cylinders.  FreeBSD was then installed on 
the second half of the drive.  The boot_flp and cpio_flp parts of the 
installation went okay.  The problem starts after it asks the system to 
reboot.  The boot manager on the first drive(IDE) deos respond with the 
option menu:

F1    dos
F5    disk2  <I think>

default F?  <then I press the F5 key>

The system then responds with a message saying that there is no operating 
system. <This happen with standard disk geometery and enhanced geometery>

I then reboot to the floppy disk, but at the boot: prompt I havetried 
putting other things such at the following to direct it toward the 
FreeBSD partition:


But it still can't locate the root directory.

Going back over the  procedure a few times, I checked the debug screen 
while the system process the info after you assigned the partitions and 
proceeded on with the installation.  the debug screen would display:

WARNING:  Calculations don't match ... <something to that extent>

Does this have anything to do with the problem.


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