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Date:      Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:43:48 -0700 (PDT)
From:      patl@Phoenix.Volant.ORG
To:        Clarence Brown <>
Subject:   Re: Sendmail Vs Exim
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000201c002e9$936cf200$>

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On 10-Aug-00 at 09:33, Clarence Brown ( wrote:
> > patl@Phoenix.Volant.ORG
> > This is something of a religious issue, like the vi-vs-emacs debate.
> > It depends heavily on your personal definition of 'better'.
> >
> > Sendmail has the advantage of a larger userbase and a longer history.
> > Exim has the advantage of -MUCH- easier to understand configuration
> > files.
> >
> > ...
> >
> > I switched to exim several years ago when sendmail didn't support
> > virtual domains at all.  I've been extremely happy with the
> > flexability and ease of configuration as compared to Sendmail.
> Could you also compare Exim with Qmail? I've been considering a
> switch to Qmail and had never heard of Exim.

I've never used qmail; but I understand that exim and qmail are
fairly similar in many respects.  At the time that I chose exim,
I looked at the docs for both, and chose exim because it appeared
to have better virtual domain support.

The exim-vs-qmail topic comes up occasionally on the exim mailing
lists.  You can find out more about exim, including pointers to
the mailing lists and list archives, at


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