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Date:      Wed, 08 Feb 1995 15:15:23 EDT
From:      "M.C Wong" <>
To: (
Subject:   ISDN `modem
Message-ID:  <>

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  I know very little aobut ISDN `modem' or TA, I guess that's the more
  appropriate term. I came across discussion about Zyxel is releasing a
  new V.34 modem that can handle ISDN as well (as an add-on module?).
  I was just wondering can we just plug such a `modem' in ISDN mode to
  FreeBSD for use or we need special driver for it ?
  The reason I asked is that my friends and I have acquired an affordable
  dial-up PPP service (still not using yet, waiting for things to get
  fixed up right now), and we are deciding on the best (or close to best)
  investment for equipment to buy. I guess 28.8K (which will become
  obselete soon we guess) isn't enough if we are to provide the box as
  an ftp side, and thinking of going ISDN. But I remembered some discussion
  about no ISDN card is supported yet at this momement and though the ISDN
  `modem' may be something you can plug and talk! Can someone clarify this
  ? Also, does anyone find 28.8K an acceptable link for SLIP/PPP to
  provide an ftp site ?

  Thanks in advance.

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