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Date:      Tue, 14 Oct 2014 07:43:13 -0500
From:      "Jay West" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   NFS permissions
Message-ID:  <000001cfe7ac$6ba9b930$42fd2b90$>

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I'm having an issue with NFS permissions on freebsd, hoping someone can
nudge me in the right direction..


There is an NFS share on a FreeNAS box, and it is mounted by two different
client machines (client A and client B).

On each of client A and B machines, we created "user1" with UID 1001 and GID
1001, and "user2" with UID 1002 and GID 1002.

We also created the same users on the FreeNAS box, again, same usernames and


>From either of the client machines, when logged in as user1 or user2 when we
create a file on the NFS share, the file is created with the correct UID and
shows the correct owner. However, the file is created with the GID of 0


It was my understanding that by having the same username, UID, and GID on
the client machine(s) and the freeNAS box, the files created by those users
would have the correct UID/GID. The UID appears to make it, but not the GID.


What we want is if user "user1" creates a file on the nfs share that the
files UID and GID are the same (ie. file UID 1001 and GID 1001 in the case
of "user1").


Eventually, we'll set up an LDAP machine and have users UID/GID stored
there. But I wanted to get it working without LDAP first - thinking that if
it didn't work with the above method it wouldn't work with LDAP, so want to
get the above method working right before we add another "link in the


Could anyone point me in the right direction for the solution? FYI this is
FreeBSD10-release on the client machines, and I believe the FreeNAS box
( is built on freebsd9.2-r, p9.




Jay West


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