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Date:      Tue, 20 Feb 2007 05:02:26 +0100
From:      Alain Wolf <>
Subject:   jails and mount
Message-ID:  <erdrsi$js$>

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I would like to mount and unmount storage devices for backups from
inside a jail.
I asked this already in October but got no answer. Since I use 6.2 now I
even have more questions.

Q1)If I unhide a device (i.e external drive) by rule for a jail and I
can see it from inside the jail, why can't I mount it from inside the jail?

What I tried from inside the jail ...
# ls /dev/da0*
/dev/da0    /dev/da0s1  /dev/da0s1c /dev/da0s1d
# mount -t ufs /dev/da0s1d /media/usbdisk
/dev/da0s1d: Operation not permitted

Q2) By reading man rc.conf(5) ...
There are new options like jail_<jname>_fstab and
jail_<jname>_mount_enable, I tried to use them for a one of my jails,
but I don't see any effect.

What I tried from outside the jail
# cat /etc/fstab.backup
/dev/da0s1d  /mnt/usbdisk ufs  rw,noauto 2 2
# cat /etc/rc.conf | grep jail.backup

Anybody on this list knows more about jails then what manpage and
handbook tells?

Thanks for any information
Alain Wolf

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