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Date:      Fri, 24 Jul 98 16:09:06 +0200
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD under Virtual PC
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> wrote:
> > Strange way of running FreeBSD ...
> > Nevertheless .. wouldn't it be easier to run NetBSD or OpenBSD on
> > Mac ? (if there is a port to Apple portables)
> There are two reasons why not:
>   1. I know FreeBSD and we use FreeBSD on our servers, so it's useful
>      to have exactly the same environment.
>   2. By running on Virtual PC I get to use the Mac at the same time.  I
>      even use TCP/IP to communicate between the two "machines" (for
>      I can run Apache on the Virtual PC and browse the results on the
>      This is tremendously powerful for testing my work, especially
since I
>      can do it anywhere.

Then, why not a full-FreeBSD portable x86-PC ?
This way, you'll have an Apache Server running on localhost and still be
able to browse it from Netscape (running under X11 on the same PC)

I remember having read "real hackers run -CURRENT on their laptop" (I
wish I did ...)


> If I wanted to run a Unix which takes over the Mac I'd probably run
> LinuxPPC or MkLinux, which seem to be fairly well supported.  Of course
> what I'd really like to run is Rhapsody so that I get a BSD system
> Mac OS on top of Mach.

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