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Date:      Sun, 20 May 2001 10:24:19 -0500
From:      markemmanuel <>
To:        FreeBSD advocacy <>
Subject:   Re: [dn-core] Re: Perens' "Free Software Leaders Stand Together"
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Quoted from the Book of Ted Mittelstaedt Ch 6:7-13 on 5/19/01 1:06 AM:

> Um, I happen to know that Tim O'Reilly has been approached with SEVERAL
> FreeBSD book projects, including my own, and has turned them all down.
> Well, mine is successful (at least, I'm told it is although I have yet
> to see sales figures) and how smart is it for a book publisher to turn
> down a successful book project and let a competitor take it?  That was a
> political decision, not a professional one.
> Ask Greg if he's had any luck shopping HIS book to O'Reilly.  Not that I
> have any evidence that he ever has done so, but I'd be surprised if he
> hasn't.  I wouldn't think that Wind River is going to want to be in the
> book publishing business, and it's a natural and obvious move for The
> Complete FreeBSD to go to O'Reilly.  Certainly it would enhance the book,
> it would enhance O'Reilly, and it would help BSD penetration.
> O'Reilly makes plenty of money off Linux, and has much vested interest
> in GPL.  And, I didn't call them "fanatics", you just did.

Since MacOS X came out, there have been a number of MacOS X articles on
their website.  Don't they have books on Apache and isn't Apache under a BSD
like license?  GPLesque software is also in fashion as well.  It's no wonder
why they're focusing on GPL licensed software.

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