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Date:      Mon, 7 Dec 2009 08:40:52 -0800 (PST)
From:      Ivo Karabojkov <>
Subject:   Re: won't boot after 8.0-RELEASE upgrade
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I had to reformat my drive since I had reached "the point of no return"... So
I am also nervous.
My first failure was with a-kind-of hardware raid, ar, built with cheap VIA
VT6421A controller. After installkernel the system refused to boot and on
its display was message "hardware failure, you have to destroy and build the
mirror again. You will lose ALL data". Frightening, isn't it. So i tested
the disks, found them OK and replaced the controller - newer MB with GEOM
mirror. Reformat, of course, occurred and all the data was salvaged from the
mirror disk.
Now I see the card works. It's something with FreeBSD 8.0. This system was
installed with FreeBSD 5.1 about may be 4 years ago and upgraded via cvsup
til now.
I'm sharing this experience to bring your attention to major advice in the
update procedure - to take full backup. I think good RAIDs do not store data
on the disks in readable by any adapter with same interface format.

My question is: how can I guess the result - "Glory" or "Sorrow" BEFORE
starting the update?
Otherwise, needless to say, 8.0 works perfectly. I mostly use AMD64 version.

Tom Worster wrote:
> On 12/6/09 1:06 PM, "Ivo Karabojkov" <> wrote:
>> Since I have some servers to manage I am very interested how should I
>> upgrade to 8.0 Rel?
> this is a big question.
> for my production servers i like to keep things simple and use the generic
> binary distribution. and i've been trying to develop a habit of using
> freebsd-update. but now i'm very nervous.
> unlike the machine that failed, my production systems have hw raid and
> don't
> use gmirror so i suspect the update may go smoothly. i also have a
> redundant
> config so i can take a machine offline to do the update.
> nevertheless, this experience has unnerved me.
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