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Date:      Mon, 14 Jul 1997 03:00:46 -0700 (PDT)
From:      William Wong <>
To: (John M Vinopal)
Subject:   Re: Sullen ESDI drive
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "John M Vinopal" at Jul 13, 97 06:25:18 pm

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> Thanks to the few people who've mailed me with their suggestions on
> getting my ESDI drive to boot under FreeBSD; unfortunately it has
> come to naught, I believe because my (ancient) bios doesn't have a
> user defined setting and the stage 2 freebsd boot really wants to
> use those values.
> The curious part of this is that NetBSD can boot just fine on this
> machine.  I've been comparing the boot blocks which have diverged
> somewhat but I'm not a good enough asm coder to discern what some
> of the difference might imply.
> Before I give up and install netbsd on this machine, is there any
> way I can short circuit the boot block to do what I want (boot;)?
> The ESDI disk uses 2 slices, one for the kernel and / such that the
> bad144 cylinder is below 1023.  The disk is 1224/15/35, and its my
> belief that the machine bios has no settings for anything but x/x/17.
> This leads me to believe that I could hardcode the sector count and
> install a custom bootblock.
> Comments?  Should I boot from a floppy which chroots?  NFS boot
> from another unix machine on the local net?
> -j

I had the same problem trying to install FreeBSD 2.x on old AT&T 386 machines
using 200 Meg. ESDI drives.  I was only sucessful when installing FreeBSD  Your similar problem has just renewed my interest in trying to
resurrect these old machines. :)  Maybe we could start with and find
out why it is successful.

William T. Wong
Cal State University, San Bernardino
  Phone:   (909) 880-7281

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