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Date:      Sat, 15 Sep 2012 21:25:49 +0200
From:      =?utf-8?Q?Thomas_G=C3=B6llner_=28Newsletter=29?= <>
To:        "'Volodymyr Kostyrko'" <>
Subject:   AW: AW: AW: AW: ZFS: Corrupted pool metadata after adding vdev to a pool - no opportunity to rescue data from healthy vdevs? Remove a vdev? Rewrite metadata?
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>>> Try reading Max Bruning's blog at, =
there's a good data walk on raidz and raidz on-disk format.
>> I'll do that, thanks for pointing me to it.

Ok... I did read some of it. And I understand so much that I see, that =
what I want is possible, but far beyond my skills.

>>>> I also think there is no way to write new or edit the lables of the =
>>> This idea is called Block Pointer Rewrite and is not implemented =
yet. I have found no code to do that.
>> I thought it may come to this -.- Because during my last reading I =
had to learn, that I have to find the "root block pointer" to recover =
the maybe overwritten labels... As it changes place and content with =
each copy on write process (each txg?) it will be a search for the =
needle in the haystack...
> Not at all, what are you referring to is MOS and the one is contained =
in each UberBlock.

So as this thing is so far beyond my skills, I am sad to point out that =
I have to give up here. Without someone who will take me by the hand and =
say what to do step by step I think recovering/rewriting the right =
labels of my discs is something I will not be able to do within one year =
or so. It's a pity that ZFS still has no tools for recovering metadata =
built in. This would be a task to think of in future.

Thanks again for your help Volodymyr. It is a bit of consolation that at =
least I know now that I have done everything I could.

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