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Date:      Tue, 14 Mar 1995 10:06:03 -0500
From: (Michael Caughey)
Subject:   Configuring Serial I/O Ports
Message-ID:  <>

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I've been trying to configure my com1 port or /dev/sd0.  I was orginally
trying to connect via kermit to a service provider per the ppp.doc that
freeBSD has on there ftp site to establish a ppp connection.  The problem I
ran into was that when I used the following command in kermit:

        >set line /dev/sd0a

I got the following error:

        Sorry, can't open connection: /dev/sd0a: Device not configured

So I thought the next step might be to quit kermit and try configuring the
port.  the only info I could find in refrence to configuring ports was the
ifconfig command.  I'm pretty sure its the correct one.  That is in part why
I'm writing.  Is it?  Here is what I've attempted so far.  I tried to issue
the command:

        ifconfig /dev/sd0a up netmask broadcast

Now I don't really feel like that was the command to use but I couldn't find
any thing on configuring serial ports only ether net ports.  Well if it was
even close to the correct one, it certianly wasn't correct itself.  I got a
big 'ol ERROR!  Well not that big but it put a stop to this mornings
activities for me, at least on the UNIX box. 

My question is what should I do so that I can configure my (com 1) port?

  @ 0 0 @

Michael Caughey.  

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