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Date:      Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:05:25 -0500
From:      parv <>
To:        Arun Welch <>
Cc:        "'Brian T. Schellenberger'" <>, 'Bakul Shah' <>,
Subject:   Re: using a laptop as a main machine
Message-ID:  <20021108220525.GA18973@moo.holy.cow>
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in message <000001c2874b$0316ad70$c77ba8c0@rune>, wrote Arun Welch
> With a Dell you really need the 3-year warranty. Unfortunately,
> the last year or so will be a real crapshoot, as Dell doesn't keep
> enough parts on hand to actually last 3 years after they stop
> making a laptop.

my turn...

my current, and first one, is dell inspiron 5000e; it'll be two
years in jan. 2003.  so far it's serving well for the reasons that i
bought it (a desktop replacement):

  - serial & parallel ports
  - simultaneous use of floppy & CD drives
  - type II & III PCMCIA slots
  - large screen (15", 1024x768 pix resolution)
  - long battery life (need 2 to run for 6 hours) a result it is quite heavy to be portable.  i am willing to go
for a 14" screen (at least 1024x768 pix.) to save weight, single
battery w/ life =>4.5 hours.

only real problem is APM; it causes fsck to be run after
suspend/resume cycle.

my next laptop would be ibook, or if i am experiencing unusual
richness, a powerbook instead.  other (intel/AMD) choice would be
something lighter which matches above requirements near the price of
a richly configured ibook.

  - parv


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