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Date:      Fri, 3 Jul 1998 12:34:42 -0700
From:      "Daniel Keller" <>
To:        "FreeBSD Questions List" <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   FW: virtual terminals, console, and X
Message-ID:  <000101bda6b9$a057a160$653d9bce@g6200>

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I sent this message a few days ago to the wrong address, thanks.

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From: Daniel Keller []
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 1998 3:06 PM
To: FreeBSD Questions List
Subject: virtual terminals, console, and X

I am installing XFree86 on my system (FBSD 2.2.5) and I am having some
trouble getting all the virtual terminals set up. I would like to have ttyv9
be the X server, ttyva be the output from X, and ttyvb be the output to the
system console. I have created all the necessary virtual terminals and made
/dev/console link to /dev/ttyvb (I assume this is the best want to do this
but I am not sure). X starts automatically on ttyv9, so that is not a
problem. The question is how can I make ttyva and ttyvb accessible without a
login prompt? I have tried changing the line in ttys from:
"ttyvb  "getty Pc" cons25 on secure" to
"ttyvb  none       cons25 on secure" but when I do this I can's access the
terminal with F12 anymore.
one other question I have about terminals is how can I have a different
prompt for users who are logged in from another computer, is there a certain
file that is executed when a remote user logs in?
Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated,

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