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Date:      Sun, 9 Feb 1997 20:17:06 -0800 (PST)
From:      Archie Cobbs <>
Subject:   Re: Re(2): isdn cards
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> > I have just been kicking around the idea of using the motorola isdn
> > bitsurfr pro ISA (ie, the internal card as oppossed to the external
> > device) as one would the external device.  Specifically the box says
> > is uses an internal 16550 with the standard AT command set.  So given
> > that I have already setup a PPP connection on FreeBSD with kernel PPP
> > and an external bitsurfr, wouldn't it also be possible to do the same
> > with the ISA card version (although I suspect I would have no access to
> > the fancy SOHO features till a true driver was written)?
> > Has anyone tried this?
> Are you sure that the internal bitsurfr is actually any different to
> the external (in the sense that an internal modem is no different
> to an external one).  On the one hand, if it really does emulate
> a 16550 faithfully, it will work straight away but give you all 
> the limitations of an external TA; on the other hand, if it doesn't
> you will be straight into writing a device driver for undocumented
> hardware before you even get started.

It's both... the internal bitsurfr has a COM port emulation as well
as a higher speed (ie., > 115200 bps) proprietary interface.


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