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Date:      Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:26:52 +0200
From:      Brad Knowles <>
Cc:        Daniel Eriksson <>
Subject:   Re: Multiple choices for RAID-0, best performance?
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At 11:49 PM -0700 2004-06-24, David O'Brien wrote:

>  Why "maybe ccd"??
>  It works fine.  I've been using ccd(4) for the past 4 years for all my
>  FreeBSD development drive space.

	I said that (at the time) because I was not 100% certain of the 
implementation of ccd, and wasn't convinced that it was a true 
striping solution as opposed to a simple concatenation (which would 
get you the same disk storage space, but not the performance).

	I know that vinum used to be the best thing around for striping 
and mirroring (witness my page at 
<>, and the fairly highly 
rated USENET news peering server I built in the Joe Greco style), but 
I always had problems with the RAID-5 stuff, and I had problems with 
interactions between vinum and softupdates.

	More recently, vinum seems to have suffered from bitrot (well, it 
didn't keep up with all the other changes going on), and other people 
mentioned that they weren't using it anymore and had gone back to 
using ccd (especially Joe).

	I'm hoping that the new geom_vinum and geom_stripe stuff will 
give us a better and more robust solution than we previously had on 
the software side, and I'm hoping that Søren (and others) can 
continue to work on the hardware side through improvements to the 
ataraid drivers, etc....

	But in the meanwhile, there's a lot of stuff that used to work, a 
lot of stuff that is under development, and it's not exactly clear to 
me just what is really stable and usable at this current point in 

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