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Date:      Wed, 29 Dec 2004 22:49:02 -0800
From:      Mike Maltese <>
Cc:        m <>
Subject:   Re: PCI RAID for 'gift'
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m wrote:	
> 	My wife has done the unthinkable this season! She decided to buy me
> a new server for our small office, which I am more than excited about,
> except for one paramount detail...

Well, I'm jealous!

> It is a respectable 1U server with the following specs from manual:
> Dual (2) IntelR XEON 2.8GHz HT Processors=20
> 533MHz Front Side Bus, Hyperthread
> 512K L2 Cache=20
> Intel E7501 Server Chipset
> 2GB PC2100 ECC Reg. DDR Memory
> Dual (2) 160GB SATA Hard Drives, 8MB Buffer=20
> 52x Sony CDROM Drive (black)=20
> 8MB Onboard ATIR RageT XL=20
> Intel 10/100Mbps NIC=20
> Intel Gigabit NIC
> And now the problem:
> SuperMicro Board comes with onboard RAID, an Adaptec ICH5R SATA
> controller.

Take a look here:

While it is possible to create a mirrored array with the ICH5 
controller, I can't say that I'd recommend it for anything important or 
in an environment that it would be subjected to heavy loads. The only 
way I can see using this method would be in conjunction with a 
consistent backup routine (which should be practiced in all situations 

My suggestion would be to get a 3ware 8006-2LP. It's inexpensive at 
<$150, it's real hardware RAID, and hot-swapping is supported. 3ware 
even has a CLI application for controlling and monitoring your arrays. 
I've personally used this card with FreeBSD 5.3 with great results.


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