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Date:      04 Apr 2002 10:01:36 -0500
From:      Chris Shenton <>
To:        "Kenan" <>
Cc:        <>
Subject:   Re: Thinkpad 600 Power Management Issues (HD turned on and off)
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"Kenan" <> writes:

> I have recently installed 4.5-stable on a Thinkpad 600X (BIOS version
> ITET53WW), and the hard drive sounds like it is being turned on and off
> every few seconds.  This was happening after the default install, and it
> is still happening after the custom kernel build.  (I haven't done
> anything specific for power management in the custom kernel other than
> leaving the "device apm0 at nexus?" option, which was there in the
> GENERIC anyway.)

Have you run any other version of FreeBSD without this problem? 

I have had the same problem with my Thinkpad 560X ever since
installing 4.1; 3.x did not do this, nor does NT (which I only boot
for TurboTax, honest :-) See the bug report from 2000-12-14:

I've now got 4.4 or 4.5 on it and it's still sounding like it's
spinning up, then spinning down the disk, with a click as if it's
parking the heads.  Makes it *very* slow for disk intensive work like
building a kernel.  When installing the OS, I notice this first when
it says "Making devices...".

I did install the latest BIOS from IBM (then) but it was no help.

Perhaps there's something malconfigured in my BIOS, but I've tried
poking at various settings to no avail.  I haven't heard a lot of
other people complaining so I'd love to hear what other 560X and 600
users have configured such that they're not affected.

Clues welcome. I'd really prefer to run FreeBSD than any other OS.

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