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Date:      Sun, 5 Feb 1995 13:57:00 -0500 (EST)
From:      Mark Bynum <>
To: (Yuri Gindin)
Subject:   Re: need a help with amd
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Yuri Gindin" at Feb 5, 95 02:56:21 pm

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> amd /yuri /etc/amd.test
> where /etc/amd.test is:
> home    type:=nfs;rhost:=yuri;rfs:=/home;opts:=rw,intr,nosuid,grpid
What you are specifying is to automount the partition home under /yuri, per
your instruction to mount "amd /yuri /etc/" where has an
entry for home. When you cd to yuri there will be nothing there because you
have not tried to access /yuri/home yet. Try cd /yuri/home and that should
automount the partition.

Hope this helps.

Mark Bynum

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