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Date:      Sat, 2 Jan 1999 00:14:04 -0700
From:      "Douglas Evan Cook" <>
To:        <questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Transferring FreeBSD to another HD
Message-ID:  <000001be361f$7b1348a0$0daf8dd0@dougcook>

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Cool!  I got a new hard disk for Christmas, but now everyone is jealous
and would like me to help them out by putting the old one in someone
else's machine.  I'm game, but I'm not sure how to approach transferring
my installation of FreeBSD from one hard disk to the next.  How is this
done?  I started out slicing up the drive to get the new setup:
2 gig FAT 16 (Yeah, thems the breaks--can't live with MS, can't live
without MS)
1 gig FreeBSD with default partitions
1 gig FAT 32

2 gig FAT 16
1.5 gig FreeBSD with default partitions
4.5 gig FAT 32

Slicing was easy.  And once I get FreeBSD done, it shouldn't be a big
deal to get Windows over and the boot manager reinstalled.  The only
catch is FreeBSD, and I don't want to start the FAT transfer until all
is well on the FreeBSD front.  Any standard procedures or non-standard?

I'm pretty familiar with the system, so don't worry if it is a painful
process.  Just let me in on all of the gory details, and I'll give it a
shot.  THANX!

Please reply directly--I haven't subscribed to the list (although I
really would like to, I know I would spend too much time on it, and I do
have to keep my focus on the Microsoft side of the fence, since that is
where my bread is buttered).
Douglas E. Cook

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