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Date:      Sun, 7 Jan 2018 17:22:42 +0100
From:      Christian Weisgerber <>
To:        Ken Moffat <>
Subject:   Re: Poor default fonts in Firefox
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In-Reply-To: <20171227191445.GA11759@milliways.localdomain>
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Ken Moffat:

> > > You install a new FreeBSD machine with a graphics display, install
> > > the xorg and firefox ports on it, all default options, start browsing
> > > the web... and you see that some sites (e.g.
> > > are presented with pixelated fonts like something out of the 1990s.
> > > 
> > > What do you do?
> Actually, the choice of *which* fonts to use is a very personal
> matter.

Yes.  It's like when you go into a bookstore and buy a book.  You
choose your personal font.

> For anybody who uses fontconfig, tuning it to match your personal
> preferences is the right thing to do.

I don't use fontcontig.  I mean, Firefox does.  Or GTK+3.  Or
something in the graphics stack.  But _I_ don't want to get involved.

Like most people, I have no interest in typography.  It's background.
It's an issue I'm happy for other people to solve and I'll just use
the end product.  Apart from xterm "fixed", the Deja Vu fonts are
probably those I've stared at the most over the last years, and
without opening a window and checking I can't tell you what form
of 'a' or 'g' they use.  I only notice typography when there is
something glaringly wrong with it.  (Like the font changing partway
through a book.  Or some idiot typesetting a whole book in some
decorative sans-serif font.  Or Firefox using bitmap fonts.)

Anyway, I guess from your point of view, using OpenBSD's 31-nonmst.conf
is exactly the thing I should do.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                

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