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Date:      Sat, 5 Feb 2000 10:38:01 -0600
From:      "Thatcher Hubbard" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Server config questions:
Message-ID:  <000001bf6ff7$5e0ed9a0$4501a8c0@tellico>

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Hi everyone,

  I'm betting a few of these have been answered in the general on various
lists already but the list search engine is down and I have a machine I need
to build on Monday.
  Basically, after months of prodding, cajoling, and convincing, my shop
finally decided to give me a real server to server our intranet site off of
rather than the Dell Optiplex desktop I'd been using.  The Dell was running
FreeBSD.  They also decided that UNIX was a better solution than NT, and why
shouldn't we continue to use a free one?
  So I have a Compaq Proliant 6500.  It's a beast, 2 500Mhz Xeons with 2MB
of cache, 512MB of RAM, a SmartArray RAID controller and 5 9.1GB 10k drives.
But I have a couple of questions on how I should set it up.
  The machine will be running Apache, PHP4, and MySQL to serve web.  I also
have to run Samba off of it so the developers can use Homesite to edit their
code.  There is no plan to run any other services off of it.
  First, how large should I make my swap partition?  1GB?  That's twice the
RAM size, which is what I usually use for workstations, but do things change
on hardware this large?  Also, will I have to specify how much RAM the
machine has or will FreeBSD correctly detect that?
  My idea for drive setup is like this.  Use one of the drives for
/,/usr/,/var,/home,/usr/local, etc.  Then RAID 0+1 the other four.  Put my
web sources trees and the mysql data there.  Our long term needs for storage
space don't amount to much, I could probably do this with 4.3GB drives but
they aren't much cheaper than the 9s anymore.
  Is this a reasonable configuration or am I doing something stupid here.
Oh, the whole thing will be backed up using BRU to a Quantum DLT4000.  Does
anyone have anything to say about the ida driver for the SmartArray
controller?  Does it work properly, and how do I set it up (I can't find a
single page saying anything about that).
  I know I'm asking for a lot of information here, so thanks in advance to
anyone who takes the time to read this and respond.  I appreciate it.

						Thatcher Hubbard

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