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Date:      Tue, 19 Mar 2013 16:00:39 +0530
From:      "Desai, Kashyap" <>
To:        "" <>
Cc:        "Kenneth D. Merry" <>, "McConnell, Stephen" <>
Subject:   Default policy for Driver is inbuilt in kernel image
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Why Driver module in FreeBSD is inbuilt in kernel image. ?

Is it possible to keep Drives out of inbuilt kernel image and provide loada=
ble modules. ?

E.a I want to submit change in GENERIC as below. (remove mfi driver from li=
st so that make kernel will only build mfi but will not be part of kernel i=
Along with below change add "mfi_load=3D"YES"" in /boot/default/loader.conf=

--- GENERIC     (revision 248178)
+++ GENERIC     (working copy)
@@ -163,7 +163,8 @@
 device         aac             # Adaptec FSA RAID
 device         aacp            # SCSI passthrough for aac (requires CAM)
 device         ida             # Compaq Smart RAID
-device         mfi             # LSI MegaRAID SAS
+#device                mfi             # LSI MegaRAID SAS
 device         mlx             # Mylex DAC960 family
 #XXX pointer/int warnings
 #device                pst             # Promise Supertrak SX6000

I am just worried, if there is any reason not to provide driver module as l=
oadable option in FreeBSD ?

If there is not harm, I would like to post next patch which will do as desc=

Thanks, Kashyap

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