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Date:      Sat, 10 Jan 2009 09:30:55 -0500
From:      Glen Barber <>
To:        Neal Hogan <>
Subject:   Re: ndis panic HP pavilion ze4400 won't boot
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Neal Hogan wrote:
> Well, it took me all day, but I did synch-up the source with the kernel. 
> However, being new to the ways of fBSD I (accidentally) ended up 
> building the -CURRENT source and kernel (8.0). I tried ndisgen on the 
> latest driver and it didn't work . . . I'll tell you why in a second.

Lesson learned, I suppose.

> I'm a bit uncomfortable dealing with current. I'd rather go back to the 
> 7.1-RELEASE, which claims to have better ndis support. FYI - I've dual 
> booted fBSD, and am merely experimenting with it. So, while it may seem 
> odd that I continue to move between versions, I do have access to other 
> machines that have more familiar environments (oBSD and XP).

Well, if you are going back to 7.X, I'd start from scratch.  If you 
haven't gotten WiFi working yet, I assume you haven't gotten much else 
configured on the system.  Doing a fresh install will alleviate some 
headaches, in my opinion.

> Now, the *ndisgen path/to/inf path/to/sys* didn't work because it said 
> that the .inf file was in a different format than it expected. So, I 
> attempted to convert it to ascii using *iconv -c -f utf-16 -t ascii 
> path/to/inf > .inf.ascii* and use the new file as the .inf. Again, it 
> said it was the wrong format. That's when I bailed. So as not to waste 
> my time with 8.0, because I wish to pursue expermenting on 7.1. Anyway . 

This could be due to something in -CURRENT.  I'm not sure.

> . . at this time, I have one more question regarding the driver that 
> will end up being successfull (hopefully there is one).
> Should I have to manipulate the .inf file? There is the wrong format 
> issue, mentioned above, and when setting up ndis in the "panicky" 
> situation, ndisgen claimed that the last line of the .inf file was bad 
> (I forget the actual teminology used). So, I deleted that line and it 

Besides `iconv' if needed, no, you shouldn't have to edit anything in 
the .INF and .SYS files.  If they don't work, something else is wrong.

> successfully generated the .ko file. It seems odd to me that I would 
> have to manipulate the driver information so much and that it may the 
> source of some of my ndis problems. Another way of asking this question 
> . . . will the successful driver just work (i.e., not need such 
> manipulations)?

Ideally, yes, it should 'just work'.

> Thanks for you patience.

Glen Barber

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