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Date:      Wed, 9 Apr 2003 18:50:17 -0700
From:      "Michael K. Smith" <>
To:        "'FreeBSD Questions'" <>, "'Vincent Zee'" <>
Subject:   RE: Strange network behaviour
Message-ID:  <000001c2ff03$8b6bae70$5d015140@MKSSONY>
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Vincent Zee <> writes:

> I am really at a loss at the moment.
> I have a 100baseT network at home and all connected machines have =
> network cards.
> When I upload mp3 files from my ibook to the FreeBSD server the speed=20
> drops to 100kb/s.
> This only happens between these two particular machines. These same=20
> machines connected to other machines give the expected transmission=20
> speeds. I checked cables, switches and router but found nothing=20
> unexpected.
> Any hints, ideas or even solutions are most welcome.
> The FreeBSD machine is running 4.7 and the ibook 10.2.4

This sounds a lot like a duplex mismatch.=20
Check the collision count.


I'm experiencing the same issue from a PowerMac 733 with OS 10.2.4 =
is, to my mind, pretty FreeBSD like) to several different FreeBSD =
running 4.5 and 4.7 respectively.  I know there aren't any duplex =
and I'm not experiencing the issue when I go from either the Mac or =
boxes to other hosts.

In doing a TCP dump it looks like packet loss, although it only occurs
between these hosts.  The ack is sent by the Mac but the BSD box doesn't =
it, so the Mac re-acks (up to 4 times usually) before the BSD box acks =
ack at the end of its Window.  Everything slows to a crawl until that =
dropped packet is acked.

Hrmm.   Has anyone else seen this?  I'm thinking it's an issue on the =
side, but who knows.


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