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Date:      Thu, 7 Dec 2000 18:24:51 +0000
From:      Keith Jones <>
Subject:   Re: How do I upgrade using NFS
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In-Reply-To: <>; from on Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 10:04:30AM -0500
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One caveat - this method doesn't work for cross-builds between incompatible
architectures, because some build tools are used in the install process.
(See PR# bin/22256 [closed].)


On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 10:04:30AM -0500, wrote:
> Hi:
> In an earlier exchange of emails, we talked about documenting a way to
> have /usr/src shared between systems. Below is a method I have used on
> several hosts. You may include this in any manner you see fit. If you
> would like to to put it in the "official" format, I am happy to do so,
> requesting only an initial URL to get going.
> My original goal was to make space on two laptops I have, the larger
> having a 1.5 GB drive :( This saves about 600MB which let me install
> StarOffice and/or have some room for data.
> This method was proposed to me by Robert Watson. I have adapted it for
> my needs. The ideas are Robert's, the mistakes are mine. I have tested
> this on 4.0, 4.1 and have upgraded a 4.1 system to 4.2. I believe it
> should work on 3.5.
> The basic idea is that the directory names for /usr/src and /usr/obj
> must match on the target and build hosts. Then 'make buildworld'
> constructs the appropriate files and glue to do the installworld on the
> target host. That's it - all the rest is just details of naming, cvsup,
> and NFS mounting. 
> Below are the details of my current setup as an example.
> Build Host:
>   1) export /usr/src/ and /usr/obj
>         /usr  -alldirs -maproot=0   -network 192.168.3
>   2) Setup the base build directory. In my case I did not want to use
>      /usr/src, saving this for testing the next update. I chose
>         /usr/home/fbsd/stable/
>      I now think this is an extra level, my original idea was to have
>      a src and ports directory that would be maintained as a pair. To
>      get the same level across systems the cvsup file needs a date,
>      e.g.:   
>         *default date=2000.
>   3) Build: 
>         cd /usr/home/fbsd/stable/src
>         make -options buildworld
>   4) Install:
>         mount_nfs host:/usr/home/fbsd /usr/home/fbsd
>         mount_nfs host:/usr/obj /usr/obj
>         cd /usr/home/fbsd/stable/src
>         make -options installworld
> With the build source mounted, you build the kernel in the regular way.
> Ports can be built by mounting the ports directory. In my case I have a
> separate /var partition so /var/db/pkg reflects what is installed on
> each host
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