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Date:      Mon, 25 Mar 2013 15:50:20 -0500
From:      Graham Allan <>
Subject:   8.3 hanging on boot, Dell 1950 with mfi and qlogic HBA
Message-ID:  <>

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I feel sure I'm missing something pretty obvious here but I can't figure 
out what.

I have a Dell 1950 which I just installed 8.3 (amd64) onto. It has an 
internal OS drive on mfi (Dell PERC) and a qlogic QLE2462 for external 
SAN connection.

Problem is, the machine hangs on boot if the SAN fiber is connected. It 
boots up fine if disconnected, then I can reconnect the fiber and mount 
the SAN drives.

When booting with fiber connected, it hangs after these messages:
kbd3 at ukbd1
kbd3: ukbd1, generic (0), config:0x0, flags:0x3d0000
ums1: <EP2 Interrupt> on usbus1
ums1: 3 buttons and [XYZ] coordinates ID=0
uhub5: 4 ports with 4 removable, self powered

(which just look like normal device probes) then if I reboot with the 
fiber disconnected, the next lines are:

Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mfid0s1a
start_init: trying /sbin/init

Verbose boot doesn't seem to give any additional clues.

I feel convinced it's failing to find or mount the root filesystem - 
I've certainly seen this in the past where an add-in HBA like this 
usurps the internal OS drive, fixable by hard-wiring the bus order in 
/boot/device.hints. That's what I thought of first here, but mfi doesn't 
use CAM (I guess), and the OS drive /dev/mfid0 isn't changing its device 

and of course I'm not getting any root mount errors either.

Is there part of the boot mechanism I'm missing?

Graham Allan
School of Physics and Astronomy - University of Minnesota

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