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Date:      Mon, 04 Dec 1995 16:55:46 +0100
From:      Seppo Ruuskanen <>
To:        Nate Williams <>
Cc: (L. Scott Emmons),,, =?iso-8859-1?Q?J=F6rgen?
Subject:   Re: Re: FreeBSD custom bootfloppies 
Message-ID:  <2.2b8.32.19951204155546.0069f30c@axisab>

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>> I never got any answers to my questions. My problem was (and is IBM
>> Thinkpad 370C). I never got any further than You, my homemade
>> bootfloppy behaved just like Yours. BOOTMFS cant be the whole answer!
>I can't find the original pointer, but I hope I can infer what's going
>1) You need 5MB of memory to install 2.1 on laptops (which means you
>   must have 8MB of memory)
I have 12MB :-), happy me!...
>2) IBM models require a special boot floppy which I have for -current,
>   but I don't have yet for 2.1R.  (I suppose I could build it today. :)
Thanks but I have this, ok it is for 2.0.5 but I managed to build a new
one over the LAN after the installation.
>If you don't have both of the above, you can't install FreeBSD on an IBM
>laptop.  If you have both of the above (which you obviously don't have),
>you won't be able to install FreeBSD successfully.
You are right, but I have them both! :-), happy me again!...

Ok, my problem is that I cant get XFree86 working with the PCVT displaydriver!.
It would of course be nice if I could do my own distributionfloppys but in the
meanwhile I can manage with the old. But to have my Thinkpad functional with
FreeBSD I really want X also!. The keyboard and the mouse dies when I start up
XFree86, not a single key works, they are totally dead. xev shows nothing when
I start it (of course from another machine since the keyboard and mouse is dead)

So please rewrite XFree86 and PCVT so that they do work on a Thinkpad!.

What, do I expect to much from You, sorry - didnt mean to...

Yours Seppo Ruuskanen

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