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Date:      Tue, 12 May 2020 09:27:01 +0200 (CEST)
From:      =?UTF-8?Q?Trond_Endrest=C3=B8l?= <>
To:        Vishal Subramanyam <>
Subject:   Re: Cannot load intel driver(i915kms) without screen blanking out
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On Tue, 12 May 2020 00:43+0530, Vishal Subramanyam wrote:

> I have a Intel Core i5-3320M processor with integrated graphics, FreeBSD
> 12.1-RELEASE, GENERIC Kernel.
> 1) Had a fresh install of FreeBSD, tried using built-in i915kms driver present
> in /boot/kernel. Used kld_list in /etc/rc.conf to load the driver. Screen
> blanked out after a few lines during boot (presumably right after the point
> the driver was loaded, until then I was getting lots of boot messages as
> usual).
> 2) Installed drm-legacy-kmod, and used the driver file that it provided, i.e.,
> /boot/modules/i915kms.ko. Same result as before.
> 3) Installed xorg-minimal. Executed startx command. Blank screen. Had to
> reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Bksp was suggested in some forums to return to tty, but
> didn't work).
> 4) Installed xorg. Installed xf86-video-intel. startx worked perfectly. Read
> the Xorg.0.log in /var/log/, seems intel driver was loaded and was used
> without any problems.
> 5) Tried to do a `kldload i915kms` in xterm, it said it had already been
> loaded into the kernel. This meant that xorg could load and use i915kms, but I
> possibly could only load it but not "use" it to view my tty.
> 6) Couldn't view other ttys using Ctrl-Alt-XX shortcut. When I tried to do so,
> the screen stayed the same but the windows in the window manager went out of
> focus.
> 7) I guessed that I did enter another terminal, but simply couldn't see the
> prompts. So I mentally assumed there was a login prompt and went ahead. I
> typed out my login stuff and pressed enter. Then I assumed there was a prompt
> infront of me and entered a command to start another xorg session. Note: Till
> now, I am still looking at the TWM xterm windows that are out of focus, not at
> a text console.
> 8) I execute startx infront of this mental virtual console. Voila. Another
> xorg session is started at ttyv10 (the original was at ttyv9), indicating that
> the terminal was there, but it simply wasn't visible and that I could switch
> to them by using Ctrl-Alt-XX.
> What's happening? Why can't I use i915kms to view my tty? Why is xorg able to
> use it?
> PS: When the screen goes blank while loading i915kms, I think its simple not
> able to display the tty's contents. So if I do my "mental" trick there and
> continue as if everything was there, will it work? I am going to try it now.

Make sure you use the vt console, in /boot/loader.conf:


Try using absolute pathnames and load /boot/modules/drm.ko ahead of 
/boot/modules/i915kms.ko in /etc/rc.conf:

kld_list="/boot/modules/drm.ko /boot/modules/i915kms.ko"


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