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Date:      Sat, 18 Nov 2006 13:07:38 -0600
From:      Eric Schuele <>
To:        Lowell Gilbert <>
Cc:, FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: cvsup problems....
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On 11/18/06 11:37, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Eric Schuele <> writes:
>> I usually use  but it has not given me any new
>> bits for several days now.  And if I use ANY other server what usually
>> takes five minutes, takes 30-minutes to an hour (or they just
>> hang). Which is terribly annoying.
>> I've tried picking other servers by hand, and I've tried the
>> fastest_cvsup script.  Doesn't seem to matter which I pick.  They all
>> seem to be slow except cvsup5... and cvsup5 does not give me anything
>> anymore.  No source, no ports, no docs.
> does seem to have stopped updating.  I've
> cc'd the "hubs" mailing list in case this was not known.
>> I have not changed anything on my end.  Is there something going on
>> that I am not aware of that is affecting the servers, or my ability to
>> interact with them?  Is it related to the release, the move, anything?
> I tried (the example you showed in your
> supfile), and it seemed fine; not just fast, but fully in synch
> with my usual cvsup host (although it was busy enough that I had
> to try for a while before I got in).  So whatever is going on does
> seem to be local to you.

I don't know what it could be.

Finding fastest server...

Grabbing source, docs, and ports... (all RELENG_6
Parsing supfile "/root/maint/update/supfiles/supfile"
Connecting to
Connected to
Server software version: SNAP_16_1h
Negotiating file attribute support
Exchanging collection information
Establishing multiplexed-mode data connection
Updating collection src-all/cvs

I've been stuck here for 45 minutes or so.  If I leave it long enough it 
will sometimes break loose and do something.

Any ideas?  Anything I can look into?


> Try increasing the verbosity of cvsup; it may be able to tell you
> what its problem is.
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