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Date:      Thu, 27 Jul 2000 13:22:36 -0700
From:      "Erin" <>
To:        <>, <freebsd-isp@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: sendmail question (sorry if this is the wrong list)
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> Please let me know if this list is not the right place to ask.
> I am currently running freebsd 2.2.8 with sendmail 8.8.8.

You should really look into upgrading to atleast 8.9.3

> currently incoming mail appears to land in /var/mail
> before being handed off to local users mailboxes.

Sounds stock so far.

> However, I am running low on space in /var
> Is it possible to move the location of /var/mail without too 
> much difficulty
> to another partition that I have plenty of space on?

Yes. An easy way to do it is to move the /var/mail directory
to another place, like maybe /usr/mail. Once you do this all
you have to do is creat a link from /var/mail to its new home.

man mv
man ln

> Ideas or other options are welcomed.

You could also look into procmail and move the mailboxes into
users home directories.

Good luck.


"Can i dial 1-255-255-255255 and make every phone in the world ring?"

-- Tanuki

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