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Date:      Tue, 14 Mar 1995 21:28:49 -0800
From:      "Justin T. Gibbs" <gibbs@estienne.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
To:        ranfry@magnett (Marc Lombart the dreaded lom)
Subject:   Re: FAQs and Help 
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>I am trying to install FreeBSD, the latest realease from, and 
>am haivng some problems.  The main problem is lack of sufficinet documentation
>Also, when trying to setup network, it never seems to work.  Wheere can I find
>directions on how to setup the network using the installation system?

You wouldn't happen to be the proud owner of a 3c509 3Com network adaptor
would you?  If you have this adaptor, and use either 10baseT or aui (thicknet),
you must specify the "link2" flag in /etc/hostname.ep0.  For example, mine
looks like:  netmask 0xffffff00 link2

If this is not the problem (and I am only taking a shot in the dark), then
be more specific about what your problem and hardware is.

Justin T. Gibbs
TCS Instructional Group - Programmer/Analyst 1
  Cory | Po | Danube | Volga | Parker | Torus

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