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Date:      Wed, 19 Jul 2017 14:39:48 +0200
From:      Matthias Apitz <>
Subject:   Re: Can I use FreeBSD as a desktop system?
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El día Wednesday, July 19, 2017 a las 02:29:34PM +0200, Polytropon escribió:

> However, specific domains might be lacking functionality as
> they are in a "locked market" where no software (or no
> sufficient software) might exist outside of a closed ecosystem.
> In that case, emulation or virtualization of the target system
> sometimes can bring the required functionality to FreeBSD, but
> there are still niches where it just does not work as expected.
> It all depends on _what_ you're _actually_ going to do. ;-)

I run FreeBSD and KDE (all from SVN trunk) on all my laptops and netbooks.
I have no windows at home, and the exceptions to FreeBSD are my wife's
laptop (runs Ubuntu) and all mobile devices of my family (all Ubuntu

And, speaking as a software developer, things which can not be done
with the tools provided by FreeBSD and its ports collection, perhaps are 
not worth to do.


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