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Date:      Tue, 20 Feb 2007 16:01:51 -0600
From:      Joe Vender <>
To:        Roger Olofsson <>
Subject:   Re: Best partitioning scheme for my HDD? Please advise.
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On Tuesday 20 February 2007 13:50, Roger Olofsson wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> May I suggest a small trick that really makes your life alot easier. Go
> with the default values when you install the FreeBSD, ie accept the
> sysinstall generated autos. (Make sure to make / and swap the first
> partitions though).
> Now, whenever a partition gets filled up, just do a symlink to another
> partition. The command is ln -s and is a real lifesaver. Whenever all
> partitions are full, just stick another HD in the machine and ln -s to
> that drive.
I can't do this. When using the auto defaults, /usr fills up even before the 
installation is complete. But the suggestion is interesting for handling 
other slices for an already installed system. Thanks for the suggestion, 
Roger. Right now, I'm checking into just adding a PCI ATA/100 controller - my 
system is a 1999 model and uses ATA/33 :-( 
and upgrading my HDD to a more modern 40 or 80 Mb drive, possibly a Western 
Digital Caviar SE WD800JB 80GB IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive. I can get the 
drive for around $45 at, and it seems to be well received by 
customer reviews.


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