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Date:      Thu, 16 Aug 2001 09:53:34 +0100
From:      Paul Branston <>
To:        "Patrick O'Reilly" <>
Subject:   Re: Sendmail Help - anyone?
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In-Reply-To: <000701c12611$9033d4e0$>; from on Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 10:09:01PM -0700
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On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 10:09:01PM -0700, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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> >Subject: Sendmail Help - anyone?
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> >If someone can help I'd really appreciate it.  I am battling to make head or
> >tail of the documentation on the sendmail website!
> >
> >BUT: How do I ensure that outbound emails correctly show a source address
> >for the respective different domains?
> This depends on how the users are transmitting mail.  If they are all local
> users running PINE or some such then you use the genericstable method that
> Paul said.  Otherwise if they are all remote users running a POP3 mail client
> such as Eudora then you set the From address in the mail client configuration.
yes, good point I was forgetting POP3 users.

> This is why they recommend that you don't turn on masquerading.  Hopefully you
> haven't.i

my fault, I shouldn't have mentioned masquerading really.
Once you've setup your maps you can test them like this

sendmail -bt   (enters rule testing mode, ctrl-D to exit)
you then enter the rules numbers with commas to separate followed
by the address you want to test. Older versions of sendmail always
called ruleset 3 first even if you didn't ask, newer versions don't
and will tell you they don't. 
Try this at the ruletesting prompt.
3,0 fred bloggs <>

ruleset 3 discards the name part and ruleset 0 decides on the
type of mailer to use $#, the host to send to $@ and the user $:

The other way of testing the maps is at the same prompt do
/map virtuser
/map generics user

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