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Date:      Thu, 25 May 2000 14:28:09 -0500
From:      "G. Adam Stanislav" <>
To:        Doug Barton <>
Cc:        chat@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: The Ethics of Free Software
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At 10:07 25-05-2000 -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
>	To simplify things fairly dramatically, if you're making more money
>this year than you did last, and you can also _buy_ more this year than
>you did last, that's economic growth. If you're making more this year,
>and you can buy less, or roughly the same that's inflation. 

What then do you call my reality? I'm making the same as last year but can
buy less. Prices have gone up, wages did not. The rich in my town are
getting richer, the poor poorer. Seems like economic growth for some,
shrinkage for others.


P.S. This is a small town and does not reflect the economy of the rest of
the country (US).

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