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Date:      Mon, 21 Oct 1996 14:01:38 -0700
From:      Philip Smith <>
Subject:   3 EIDE Hd's and a 6x-TEAC CD-ROM
Message-ID:  <>

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I have installed FreeBSD, to my knowledge, correctly, on my computer. 
It can't boot up however because of a cannot mount root problem.  I have
gone through many of the messages under this criteria to see if they
could help me, but to no avail so far.  I'm wondering if it might be
because I have 3 IDE Hd's instead of the usual 2...

My hd's load up in this order

HardDrive  0 WDC (Serial number)
HardDrive  1 WDC (serial number)
CD-ROM 1  (some nonsense)
HardDrive  2 WDC (serial number)

Would this strange array of hd's in an eide atmosphere confuse bsd?  or
am I, more likely, just being a fool and am not typing the correct
string at the boot prompt?

i have tried

and here's the thing, if i type
it starts the boot sequence up just fine until it gets to that 
panic: cannot mount root
error message

Please help!  I don't want to be an Win95/NT/Dos user only!  I'd love to
learn how to function under a unix type enviroment... besides i'm
getting sick of windows

Thanks for any help anyone can give me in advance!


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