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Date:      Fri, 2 Jul 1999 21:40:42 -0400
From:      "Christopher J. Michaels" <>
To:        "FreeBSD Mailing List" <>
Subject:   Modem throughput appears to be unrealistically high.
Message-ID:  <000001bec4f5$0fc73e20$>

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I was poking around in ppp and typed show modem.  I pasted the output of
that to the bottom of my message.

Now maybe I've just been up to long and my brain is fried, but I could swear
that says I got 12.8KB/sec about 30 minutes ago, and that I'm currently
getting 10KB/sec.

Am I loosing it?  Is my connection THAT GOOD?  or is there something flawed
in ppp?  I am connected via a 56k modem, btw.


Just for the record I am not downloading any text file.  I am dl'ing
seti@home for win and for bsd and a windows program I care not to mention.

PPP ON cartman> show modem
Name: deflink
 State:           open, with carrier
 Device:          /dev/cuaa1
 Link Type:       auto
 Connect Count:   18
 Physical outq:   0
 Queued Packets:  0
 Phone Number:    XXXXXXX

 Device List:     "/dev/cuaa1"
 Characteristics: 115200bps, cs8, no parity, CTS/RTS on
 CD check delay:  1 second

Connect time: 61053 secs
28684627 octets in, 6504303 octets out
  overall     576 bytes/sec
  currently 10217 bytes/sec
  peak      13089 bytes/sec on Fri Jul  2 20:13:56 1999

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