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Date:      Tue, 1 Oct 1996 00:30:13 +0200 (SAT)
From:      Khetan Gajjar <>
Subject:   Possibly smoked my cvs tree :-(
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm afraid I might have possibly smoked my CVS tree. I hadn't applied the
ctm deltas in quite a while, and decided to do so tonight. Unfortunately,
it didn't work :

[chain] /usr/home/ncvs# cat .ctm_status
cvs-cur 2521
[chain] /usr/home/ncvs# ctm ../ctm/cvs-cur.2521.gz 
Delta number 2521 is already applied; ignoring.
[chain] /usr/home/ncvs# ctm ../ctm/cvs-cur.2522.gz 
  DM: ports/mail/mailagent exists.
  DM: ports/mail/mailagent/files exists.
  DM: ports/mail/mailagent/patches exists.
  DM: ports/mail/mailagent/pkg exists.
  DM: ports/mail/mailagent/scripts exists.
  FN: CVSROOT/commitlogs/CVSROOT md5 mismatch.
  FN: CVSROOT/commitlogs/CVSROOT edit fails.
[chain] /usr/home/ncvs# 

I think I might have smoked the tree :-( Now, I'm a dial up user, so I
don't want to re-download the whole tree again. Is there any way for me to
take the tree back to say, cvs-cur.2450 and apply all the deltas since
then ?


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