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Date:      Tue, 2 May 1995 23:11:06 -0500
From: (Eloy A. Paris)
To: (Terry Lambert)
Subject:   Re: Problems with zp0 driver in 041295 SNAP?
Message-ID:  <>

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>You will probably need to determine what PCMCIA bridge chipset is
>being used by your machine before anyone can tell you if it is
>supported (and if not, write code to support it).

I ran a program that came with my Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet Card for
identifying the PCMCIA controller chipset. The program reported the
controller was a Cirrus chipset. It is my understanding that this is
compatible with the Intel chipset but I am not quite sure.

>Clearly this is a sufficiently common problem that 3COM has had to build
>a fix for it; it's kind of silly that that program is not built into the
>configuration program if it's that common.

Well, I don't know. I didn't see this problem reported in any place. Neither
in the documentation nor in the BBS nor in the FTP site nor in the Tech.
Notes nor in the Fax Tips. Nothing, nothing in any place. I just found this
small utility to clean the CIS.

When I run the utility, the first message I get is one that says "Invalid
checksum found." The it proceeds to clean the CIS.

(I am gonna post all the messages I am getting from the different programs.)

>Since 3COM is aware of the problem, I'm betting that some clue to the
>cause could be had by contacting 3COM.  If their BBS is cheaply
>accessable to you, you might try posting a question about what is
>causing the corruption, and then let the author of the driver for
>FreeBSD know what to do about.  At the very least, the information
>about how they fix the CIS would be useful, since breaking it must
>be doing something similar.

OK, I am gonna try that one.

By the way, I don't have cheap access to 3Com's BBS (it's a long distance
call for me.) What I am doing is using their FTP sites ( I
think it is very new since it is not documented anywhere in my package. Also
they have a WWW server at

See ya.



Eloy A. Paris
Allen-Bradley de Venezuela

"Los poderosos nos parecen grandes solo porque estamos de rodillas,

Carlos Marx

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