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Date:      Mon, 7 Jul 1997 17:38:20 +0200 (MET DST)
From:      Zoltan Sebestyen <>
To:        FreeBSD questions mailinglist <>
Subject:   BSD fs on SCSI ZIP drive
Message-ID:  <Pine.ULT.3.93.970707172944.8113A-100000@konig>

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 I'd like to format my ZIP disk to BSD fs. My ZIP drive works correctly
under FreeBSD-2.1.5-RELEASE(I'll update it soon to 2.2) with my DOS
formatted ZIP disks, although it keeps reporting while booting that it has
to use fictious geometry, because ZIP doesn't give any. What I'd like to
know if I can format it without problems. Under DOS and it's buddies --
WinNT and WinTOYEARSAGO -- I have to use Iomega's special formatter
utility. And just one more question: Is there any release date for


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					it makes me want to give up.			But why should I give up,
					when it all seems so stupid?

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