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Date:      Wed, 15 Aug 2012 16:21:09 +0200
From:      =?iso-8859-2?Q?Radek_Krej=E8a?= <>
To:        "''" <>
Subject:   ZFS sharenfs problem
Message-ID:  <>

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after upgrade to fbsd 9.0 I dont know how to set sharenfs on zfs filesystem=

On the older version of freebsd I used:

zfs set sharenfs=3D-alldirs -maproot=3D0 storage/pokus

on the same version of freebsd, but after uprade zfs
zfs set,root=3D0 storage/pokus
command ended fine, but on freebsd 9.0 I got with this command=20
Aug 14 12:26:48 storage mountd[1181]: bad exports list line /usr/local/stor=
age/pokus root=3D0

So i found this page
e.html and change command to
zfs set share=3Dname=3Dstorage_pokus,path=3D/usr/local/storage/pokus,prot=
=3Dnfs,anon=3D0,sec=3Dsys, storage/pokus
and command crashes with
cannot set property for 'storage/pokus': invalid property 'share'

How is correct command for setting sharenfs (i gave sharenfs=3Don, but I ne=
ed to restrict access)?

Thank you very much.


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