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Date:      Tue, 20 Jul 1999 11:42:45 -0700
From:      "David Schwartz" <>
To:        "Brett Glass" <>
Cc:        <freebsd-chat@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: poor ethernet performance?
Message-ID:  <000001bed2df$a818f360$>
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> At 10:50 AM 7/20/99 -0700, David Schwartz wrote:
>  >> Yes, they do! As I mentioned in another thread, be sure to
> enter "FreeBSD"
> > > in the "Other" boxes frequently. We MIGHT get a port.
> > >
> > > --Brett
> >
> >         Or you might just annoy them by spamming a survey that
> is pretty clearly
> >intended to solicit opinions specifically about Linux.
> It's not spamming if it's done in a tactful and reasonable
> manner. Remember,
> they are looking to gauge markets. If their survey discloses the
> existence of
> a market they hadn't previously recognized, and they're in
> business to make
> money, they won't ignore the information.

	I don't believe that this is true. I think the survey you are talking about
was designed by a company that's methodical enough to understand the
limitations of surveys.

	If you create a 'Linux tools' survey, and promote it to people who develop
under Linux, you can expect to learn the preferences of Linux developers. If
someone goes out and solicits a particular subgroup of Linux developers
heavily to fill out your survey, you know that you just get nvalid results.

	Further, surveys don't work outside of their desing parameters. Since they
asked no questions about FreeBSD, any answers about it are quite likely to
not be representative of actual demand. It will be quite obvious that people
had been solicited to put FreeBSD on the Linux survey.

	Solicited survey results are not valid, and they know that. So all you've
done is cause a headache in processing the survey results. A polite note
would have been much wiser.

	David Schwartz

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