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Date:      Wed, 08 Feb 1995 08:22:49 -0700
From:      Marshall Wells <mwells@Data.Basix.COM>
Subject:   checksums
Message-ID:  <0098BAB5.9FEEE460.24347@Data.Basix.COM>

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I am trying to install the 950202 SNAP of FreeBSD on my 386-40 with two IDE
drives.  If you want to skip the gory details, go to the next paragraph.  I
have successfully copied the cpio and boot floppies and installed the
filesystems on my hard drives.  I have copied the entire set of distribution
files onto my C: drive under directory names identical to those in the SNAP. I
have attempted to install the binary package from my DOS partition and from DOS
floppies.  CD ROM and tape are not options with this system.  

So here's the problem...

When I attempt to install the binaries, I get a checksum error. I did find two
files ( and bin.bu) which I had to download again, but now all of my
checksums match what the CKSUMS file says.  I do not get a message concerning a
particular file.  SO, am I stupidly overlooking something simple due to my lack
of experience with FreeBSD, or what?  The sad part is that I have installed
quite a few SCO systems, and even some UnixWare systems - I thought this one
looked *so* easy.  Anyway, rather than ramble on about possible solutions, I
will stop now and just ask for HELP.

Thanks so much for your attention
Marshall John Wells "Mush"
Email: MWELLS@Data.Basix.COM

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