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Date:      Mon, 27 Jun 2011 17:46:46 -0400
From:      "" <>
To:        wayne mitchell <>
Subject:   Re: cvsup and versions
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On 27 June 2011 17:17, wayne mitchell <> wrote:
> hey,
> i have just cvsup'ed for first time (newbie)
> rebuilt world...
> there is a problem with a particular port:
> audio/libsndfile
> the version in this system ports tree is 1.0.21
> the set of versions available within the cvs repository are:
> =A01.0.20, 1.0.23, 1.0.24 - but not 1.0.21
> 1.0.24 is latest
> it seems that the latest version did not carry across with the cvsup
> i have most documentation available
> have tried portupgrade - no go
> am stuck
> how do i update this individual port
> and is it possible to have two separate versions of same port in the tree
> example: to rename libsndfile dirs to
> libsndfile-1.0.21, libsndfile-1.0.24
> for sake dependancies
> am guessing, though i suspect that the two installed binaries may conflic=

You need to update your ports tree, which is handled separately
from the base system.

The simplest method is via portsnap(8)
or )
And then run portupgrade (or portmanager, or portmaster)
to upgrade your installed ports.

You can also use cvs to update your ports tree, but it
occasionally presents certain difficulties.


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