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Date:      Sat, 26 Feb 2000 10:22:11 -0800
From:      Kent Stewart <>
Subject:   Re: Apache error message: httpd: could not open document config file
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I just got through installing Apache 1.3 but I used the package. When
it finishes, it tells you to run the config script, which I did. The
only thing that didn't work was cgi-bin in user space. You can change
root addresses but that is similar to telling the system to not usr
/bin but to use /tmp/bin. I would do it after an install and not at
the install. I chose to use "public-html with the "~" option.


John Purser wrote:
> Hello troops!
> As you recall, last week's battle to get my FreeBSD box hooked up to the
> internet was a success!  Many thanks to all those who helped! :-)
> This weekend yer ever luvin' pal Sgt. "Rock" Newbie is going mano a mano
> with Apache.  Current Status: getting tail kicked.  Here's what I've got so
> far.
> I'm running FreeBSD 3.4 from a CD install.  Apache 1.3 was selected at
> install and it does seem to be installed.  I've found the executables and
> the config files.  For intel on the enemy I'm using "Apache The Definitive
> Guide" provided by our crack G3 officer Col. O'Reilly.
> I tried creating a directory /usr/www/sites/toddle with three subdirectories
> ./conf, ./htdoc, ./logs.  I copied the file httpd.conf to ./conf and edited
> it for user name and group name.  Per the instructions in the book I cd'd to
> /usr/www/sites/toddle and as root I tried to start apache with the
> invocation: httpd -d /usr/www/sites/toddle.  I get an error message back
> that says:
> fopen: No such file or directory
> httpd: could not open document config file
> /usr/www/sites/toddle/etc/apache/httpd.conf
> I could create this directory and move the config files to it but I'd rather
> understand why the book instructions don't work first.  I tried renaming the
> *.conf files in /usr/local/etc/apache but that didn't seem to have any
> effect.  I'd really like to get my configuration to the point where I can
> follow the book's instructions.  Any help appreciated.
> John Purser
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