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Date:      Wed, 13 Apr 2011 12:40:23 -0400
From:      "Michael J. Kearney" <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Re: Remote access to Freebsd server
Message-ID:  <>

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/var/log/security and "ipfw list" ftw. .. if a rule maches your configurati=
on atm

afiddler10 <> wrote:

Hi, I am new to the Linux environment.  I am trying to build a virtual Free=
bsd server to run another virtual device (a Juniper router).  I have found =
that after building the base operating system that I cannot remotely access=
 the virtual Freebsd server.  I have tried using both Qemu and VMware with =
the same result.  It looks to me as though the server has a default setting=
 that allows it to contact other devices (e.g., I can ping, ftp, telnet, et=
c., other devices from my Freebsd server) but I cannot ping, ftp, telnet in=
to the Freebsd server from my host PC.  My host is a Windows 7 desktop, but=
 I have tried pinging from another virtual device and cannot get a response=
 from the Freebsd server.  I do not believe that the issue is my Windows 7 =

I have tried the newest Disk 1 ISO image of Freebsd, 8.2, but I've also tri=
ed a few other images with the same result.

I have combed through the documentation, tried configuring the firewall usi=
ng the "open" template, tried to disable the packet filter in rc.conf (pf_e=
nable=3D"NO"), to no avail.  I cannot reach the Freebsd server no matter wh=
at I have tried, and I feel I have exhausted my options.  The ports are ope=
n and responsive on the virtual server itself, but access seems to be block=
ed to the Freebsd server.

I am hoping you can tell me how to change the default settings on the Freeb=
sd server to allow access from my Windows 7 host PC.  Hopefully it does not=
 involve manually rebuilding the kernel!

Thanks for your help!
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