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Date:      Mon, 19 Oct 1998 04:50:02 -0400
From:      "Jon E. Mitchiner" <>
To:        <freebsd-current@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   3.0 Current to 3.0 Release Woes
Message-ID:  <000001bdfb3d$76113d20$0400000a@roaming>

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I couldnt believe the amount of problems I had recently when upgrading a 3.0
current supped mid-july to 3.0-release yesterday.  I didnt realize that the
upgrade procedure could be so problematic, so I wanted to warn other people
out there that upgrading _can_ cause problems to shed some light on my
errors, so others dont repeat it and perhaps someone can help correct my
improper installation methods. :)

Basically I read instructions and followed the upgrade prodedure.  Prior to
the upgrade, I followed John Birrell's E-Day message on doing the upgrade,
as well as the documentation at  I did "make
aout-to-elf" and things appeared to work well, then throughout the process,
it could not find a directory -- I didn't write it down, but it was
something to the effect of freebsd2/aout which I had to create (missing
directory for "aout"), then re-ran make aout-to-elf which continued fine.
Then at one point the GENERICupgrade kernel had an error, so I had removed
the DPT_MEASURE_PERFORMANCE so the kernel would compile correctly.  Then
after this, the system rebooted.  Things seemed to look good.

Unfortunately, all the problems occurred here.  Upon startup, it could not
run /bin/sh or any other shell I had in /bin -- it would do a signal 10.  So
I was stumped and I was trying to find a way in to correct the problem.
Apparently it seems that some libs and the elf programs were not compiled
properly and everything was breaking.  I couldn't get the system to work

So I gave up, and decided to re-install (and do the upgrade) on top of my
3.0-release system to fix all the bins & libs.  Throughout the process when
most bins/libs were installed, I had decided to abort the process to try to
salvage some things.  Another problem came up -- MAKEDEV didnt make the
/dev/da0* device files as I had expected make aout-to-elf would have done.
No problem, so I had copied it from the /usr/src/etc/etc.i386/MAKEDEV to
/dev/MAKEDEV.  But apparently I still could not make /dev/da0s2a,b,e,f.  It
would make all the /dev/da0a-h, da0s1-4, but would not make the characters
(a-h).  I even tried "sh MAKEDEV /dev/da0s2a" and it would "act" like it
made it but no files were generated.

After talking to people on irc, they said that using the sd0* characters
should still work fine.  But I do recall that this was not recommended in
the current discussions, but I cant find that particular message.  So I
wanted to make sure I use da0* for compatibility reasons.  (Note:  After i
did a make world outlined later, I was able to makedev the da0* files
correctly so this problem has been fixed.)

So after the system has been unstable with continuous problems, I decided to
do a full re-install on top of 3.0-RELEASE to try to fix the problem.  In
the middle of the install (around 25%), FreeBSD just panicked and rebooted.
I was watching TV at the time and didnt get the exact error before it
rebooted.  I found this very odd, so I re-did the installation again and it
went through fine and all the files installed (I did a basic install) and

Once the system rebooted, I could not log in at all.  It was complaining
about "getty[388]: /usr/bin/login: Exec format error" with /usr/bin/login
which was preventing me from being able to successfully log into the system.
So I had to go back and boot into single user mode.  I went into /usr/bin
and did "file login".  It said "login: setuid data" which confused me.  So I
did "file file" and everything else in that directory, everything (the bins)
all appeared to be correct as ELF, except "login".  Thankfully I have a
3.0-Release in /usr/src so I reinstalled the "login" file from that and
allowed me to login.

Though the first odd message I saw was:

"/usr/games/fortune: Exec format error.  Wrong Architecture."

so I I did file /usr/games/fortune and saw:

"fortune: Infocom game data (Z-machine 8, Release 33514, Serial LN(some
ascii chars here))"

So apparently there are still some cruft here and there.  Ive run make world
and apparently it seemed to fix most of my problems.  Though now I'm having
a problem where one partition is now missing but I'll get to it later as
it's getting kinda late.

Im just wondering if I missed anything important, or did the missing
directory for "aout" screw everything up and cause my system to be unstable
and thus forcing me to do a manual upgrade?

Jon E. Mitchiner -
Minotaur Technologies, LLC - - (703) 560-0683 (FAX)

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