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Date:      Tue, 14 Mar 1995 23:07:58 -0800
From:      "Justin T. Gibbs" <gibbs@estienne.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
To:        Joe Lowe <>
Subject:   Re: New Problem 
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>Well, I low level formated my hard drive with extended translation turned 
>off. I was able to install the file system, but a new <major> problem has 
>appeared. When I start to install the files from the CDROM everything goes
>ok for a while then I get the error message:
>Ahc0: target 4, lun0 (CD0) timed out Abort unsupported!!!

You have 2.0 Release.  You didn't say that! ;-)  The driver has changed
considerably since then.  I would highly suggest that you  
pick up a 2.0-950210-SNAP floppy with an updated kernel on it.  You
can get it as:

cpio.flp is a tar-gzipped file that has many files in it besides just
the kernel.  It may actually be best to get the two floppies (boot.flp.gz
and cpio.flp) and install the mini system from them.  The only problem
is that some of the networking utilities from 2.0R are not compatiple
with 2.0-SNAP, so you may need to upgrade other peices of the system.
If you can get the system up to the point that you can compile a new
kernel, it should be easy to compile in the newer aic7xxx driver.

>After this happens the system hangs BIG TIME. Even after a cold boot, the 
>controller card refuses to recognize either the hard or the CDROM drive. I
>found that by removing the card from the system and replacing it the problem
>will clear. I went through the whole scene three times. Same result all three
>times. STRANGE. :-o

When you get a bus hand like this, it will clear by turning off all devices
on the chain and doing a cold boot.  I'm guessing you have external devices
you didn't power cycle which is why you got stuck.

>I can exit to the shell and everything looks ok. I can ls the file system,
>I tried installing the man pages instead of the bindist just for kicks 
>the last time, same result. The system appears to be installing the files,
>and then crashes.

The problem is one of cable length and/or termination.  The newer driver
does some things to make it more tolerant of this issue, but you should
try to shorten your externel cabel lengths and make sure you have active
terminators on all cabel ends.
>I tried turning off all BIOS shadowing and caching, same result. This is 
>all very discouraging, I hope you have some ideas...

Not a bios or cache issue at all.

>Thanks again,

Justin T. Gibbs
TCS Instructional Group - Programmer/Analyst 1
  Cory | Po | Danube | Volga | Parker | Torus

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