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Date:      Fri, 04 Mar 2011 19:51:34 +0100
From:      Bjorn Danielsson <>
To:        <>
Cc:        Sergey Matveychuk <>
Subject:   Re: kern/128260: [ipfw] [patch] ipfw_divert damages IPv6 packets
Message-ID:  <yqflj0u90sp.fsf@knights-who-say-ni>

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Sergey Matveychuk <> wrote:
> Here is my patch for IPv6 divert. It works for me, but it should be 
> reviewed and may be improved.
> I've touched nd6.c to prevent looping packet to local address (loopback).
> Any questions are welcome.

I needed one more change for my "options IPDIVERT" enabled kernel:

#include "opt_inet6.h"

which I put right after "opt_inet.h" under the !defined(KLD_MODULE)
condition at the beginning of netinet/ip_divert.c. Without this
change my divert socket could read but not write IPv6 packets.

I am not familiar with the FreeBSD kernel so this was based on
a guess after noticing how INET6 was handled in other places.

Both copying the incoming sockaddr_in and creating a new one using
INADDR_ANY seems to work in sendto(), after this change. I haven't
tried any packet rewriting yet but I'll be testing that very soon.

Many thanks Sergey for contributing this patch!

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