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Date:      Sun, 29 Jun 1997 14:49:41 +0200 (MET DST)
From:      hw@thor.wnet (Henning Wickhorst)
Subject:   user PPP and BIND
Message-ID:  <199706291249.OAA01756@thor.wnet>

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i have some trouble with user PPP (dial on demand) and BIND (named)
on a 2.2.1 box.

I am going to run my own nameserver for a local network.
Another reason is, that sendmail complains the dynamic IP-address
I've got from my provider after a connect.
Running the nameserver helps a lot, sendmail now gets a hostname
for the IP address without redialing to the provider.

In my host.conf file i have:

My resolv.conf looks like:
  nameserver my_ip_address
  nameserver my_providers_ip_address

When booting, the system 'hangs' for a long time after the network
devices have been configured. It not really hangs, it tries to resolv
the addresses of the static routes. (route thor.wnet localhost etc.)
I thought that it should use the hosts file instead, because named is
not running at that early time.
The only way to bring it to normal behavior is to comment out my own
nameserver from resolv.conf.

What is wrong ?

Henning Wickhorst         
Elmshorn, Germany         E-Mail:

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